This week we have prepared a selection of sneakers from the American brand Saucony. For those who do not know Saucony, let us introduce you.

Saucony was founded in 1989 in Kutztown, Pennsylvania, by four businessmen. It should be noted that the brand is called “Saucony” because the factory was placed right next to Saucony Creek. Like many brands, Saucony began its history by creating pairs of sneakers for professional runners. In 1977, Saucony was awarded the “best quality” award by a consumer magazine.

Today Saucony has taken a place in the lifestyle market, without leaving out the world of running. She has taken part in the Run For Good foundation to fight obesity among young people. The US company has donated more than $ 1 million to charities to help children adopt a healthy, active lifestyle.

Discover our selection of Saucony sneakers at low prices.

Saucony GRID in sale

The Saucony GRID is the result of a technology created in 1991. GRID means “Ground Reaction Inertia Device”, it is a registered trademark. It uses the “empty” spaces of the Saucony to improve the absorption of shocks and reduce the weight of the pair.

Source @LeSiteDeLaSneaker
Source @LeSiteDeLaSneaker

GRID 8000 brown from 70€
GRID 8000 pink from 75€
GRID 8500 Weave from 65€

Saucony Shadow in sale

Established in 1988, the Saucony Shadow is simply an enhancement to the Jazz 91. It brings more stability with a heel fitting to create the Shadow 5000.

Source @TheSoleSupplier
Source @TheSoleSupplier

Shadow 5000 Chocolate Pack brown from 92€
Shadow 5000 Chocolate Pack white from 100€
Shadow 5000 brown from 75€

Saucony Jazz 91 in sale

The Saucony Jazz 91 can be confusing in its year of creation since it was created in 1981. In order to meet the expectations of the riders in the best way, it was conceived in collaboration with chiropodists. Its triangular cleat sole ensures optimum comfort.

Source @Pro-trak
Source @Pro-trak

Jazz blue from 74€
Jazz Originals yellow from 74€
Jazz Originals Vintage blue from 63€

Saucony DXN in sale

A part of history is at the origin of the Saucony DXN. Everything starts with a record held by few people. Runner Rod Dixon made the New York marathon in 2 hours and 9 minutes in 1983. Following this record, Saucony hired him to make a pair in his image: the Saucony DXN was born in 1984.

Source @SneakerFreaker
Source @SneakerFreaker

Bermuda Pack DXN blue from 111€
DXN Trainer brown from 91€
DXN brown from 49€

For which model will you crack?